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Frater: The new patch 1.4 (Jan 31, 2007)
Frater: Official website launched! (Jul 27, 2006)
Some news about our games. (Mar 23, 2006)
Space Hack: The new patch 1.03 (Mar 7, 2005)
Space Hack: The new Polish patch 1.03 (Mar 4, 2005)
Space Hack: The new patch 1.02 (Jan 14, 2005)
Space Hack: Spanish reviews (Dec 23, 2004)
Space Hack: German reviews (Dec 15, 2004)
Space Hack: Different titles of the game (Dec 14, 2004)
Space Hack: Interview at Gamer's Hell (Jul 20, 2004)
Space Hack: First preview published by (May 27, 2004)
Space Hack: Another website update (May 12, 2004)
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Space Hack

Space Hack is a sci-fi RPG/action. Trapped on board of a quite peculiar spaceship you will find yourself fighing one wave of angry monsters after another.

Great Journey

Do you like adventures? Would you like to travel the world? Then don't waste any more time and join Tony and Annie on their mission to save Antarctica!


Nazis are looking for an ancient weapon in Tibet. Beat them to it in this great action/RPG adventure. Partially based upon unknown facts of World War II the game is enriched with a strong share of fiction and mystique.


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